Facts – the building

Gothia Towers is the tallest building in Scandinavia constructed using prefabricated concrete slabs. To stabilize the design, the slabs are drawn together with 62 tie rods. The rods are installed on every fourth floor, reducing in number to 22 at the top. They are located in cavities in the concrete slabs.

  • The foundation slab is 2.2 metres thick.
  • Floor 23 in the West Tower is 65 metres above street level. The top of the building is 72 metres high.
  • Floor 18 in the East Tower is 50 metres above street level. The top of the building is 57.6 metres high.
  • It took 150 construction workers a total of 300,000 hours to complete the building.
  • The construction used 1,200 cubic metres of concrete, reinforced with 70 tonnes of iron.
  • The steel frame weighs 500 tonnes.
  • 200,000 metres of electric cabling were used.
  • 3,500 lighting fixtures were installed.
  • Two booster pumps are used to get water to all the rooms.
  • The hotel is ventilated with 29,000 cubic metres of air per hour.
  • The heating requirement is 700 kW.
  • The cooling requirement is 650 kW.
  • The hotel is fitted with smoke detectors and 3,500 sprinkler heads.
  • The electricity supply is secured by a diesel-powered back-up generator.