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Professional running training

Free professional training

We offer keep-fit activities for our hotel guests and staff – four training sessions per week, with yoga, functional strength training, walking and running. Local residents are also welcome at the Tuesday running sessions.

In partnership with Aktivitus Testklinik & Coaching, we at Gothia Towers are focusing on the wellbeing of our guests and staff, with four training sessions per week led by trained coaches from Aktivitus.

  • Tuesdays 19:00: Running
  • Wednesdays: Functional strength training
    • 17:00-17:30 (no change of clothing required)
    • 17:30-18:00 (change of clothing required)
  • Thursdays 07:10-08:00: Medical yoga incl. mindfulness (change of clothing recommended)
  • Thursdays 12:00-12:30: Lunchtime walk with exercises (no change of clothing required)

The sessions will be run by Aktivitus, and are free of charge to participants. We invite our guests and staff to take part! The running session on Tuesdays at 19:00 is also open to the general public. 

Sessions begin in week 4, i.e. 26 January for running, 27 January for functional strength training, and 28 January for yoga and lunchtime walking. Sessions run until week 25 (the last week of training sessions before the summer).


Running training

Every Tuesday at 19:00 we’ll run for around 45 minutes, adapting the level according to the group – a planned, tailored, stress-free training session.

Where: Meet in the Gothia Towers lobby
Who: Hotel guests, local residents and staff
When: Tuesdays at 19:00, changed and ready to run.
How: Group running training, 45 minute session, with the level adapted to suit the group. Short elements of functional strength training and exercises for more effective, low-impact running techniques.
Led by: Trained running coach from Aktivitus Testklinik & Coaching
Cost: Free

The distance and route will be adapted according to the size and ability of the group.


Lunchtime walk with exercises

Meet at 12:00 in the Gothia Towers lobby.

Functional strength training and yoga

Training takes place in R16 (Backstage), in Tower 3, on floor 3. Meet changed (when required) and ready at the relevant start time.
To get to R16 (Backstage): Go up to floor 2, where the conference reception is located. Turn right and follow the signs to R16.



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Runners take part at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained.