Wednesday evenings

Every Wednesday, our loyal guests are invited to join us for a bite to eat, a drink and a chat at either restaurant Incontro or restaurant twentyfourseven. This is a great opportunity to network with us and other loyal guests. We often arrange activities, events and surprises during these gatherings. We hope to see you there!
(Our Frequent Guest Evenings are on Wednesdays and at 6:30 pm – unless we indicate otherwise.)

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Upcoming Frequent Guest Evenings


18 november – Incontro

25 November – VIP Evening, personal invitation will be sent.

2 December – Incontro

9 December – twentyfourseven
Together with Ulrika Storhaug from Flowers we will make christmas decorations.

16 December – Christmas Kick-off
Christmas table at Estrad, personal invitation will be sent.