Our activities

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Our activities

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Delectable Oysters!

Bring your colleagues or friends for an activity that we call oyster opening. You’ll find out all about our fantastic oysters. We’ll open them, present them and learn to enjoy them at their very best. Our oyster opening activity is held at West Coast, Gothia Towers’ newest restaurant. West Coast captures the spirit of Sweden’s west coast, with a market hall feel. Here, we pay tribute to those local suppliers who – just like us – stand for sustainability, the environment and conscious choices. In other words, a tribute to the west coast itself! Suitable for groups of 8-25 people.

Champagne Sabrage – 70 metres up!

Sabrage, that is, opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre, is the most festive way of getting at your bubbly.

Let one of our talented sommeliers guide you and your group through this ancient art – 70 metres above sea level. You’ll learn the exciting history of this tradition and if you dare, you can have a go yourself.
Suitable for groups of up to 15.


A tasting isn’t just a good way of socializing and bringing people together. It’s also inspirational and educational. Why not gather your colleagues, friends or customers to sample some wines, whiskies, rums or other spirits. Our knowledgeable, committed sommeliers will guide you through the world of flavours.

We offer tastings of the following: Wine, whisky, rum, beer, cognac, tequila and calvados.

Chocolate tasting

Who doesn’t love chocolate? So getting together with colleagues or customers to sample some chocolate is a great activity. In collaboration with Berzelii Choklad, Gothia Towers can offer an inspiring talk followed by a chocolate tasting or a chocolate buffet for groups of 10 or more. The event begins with a brief look at the history of chocolate and how it is made, followed by a tasting of a range of chocolate varieties.
For groups of 10 to 20.

Wii games

Add some adrenaline to your conference. With Wii games like bowling, tennis or boxing it’s easy to raise the pulse of your conference participants. Of course we can serve refreshments if you wish. Relax, socialize and have fun.
For groups of 10 to 12.

Mug painting – Pick ‘n’ Paint

Most people have a little artist inside. So painting, glazing and firing ceramics is an excellent activity for all your creative meeting participants. Mug painting has been popular in the United States and Britain for years. It’s easy and fun, the results are immediate and our conference rooms are ideal for the activity.
For groups up to 35.