Handy parking

For your stay at Gothia Towers you can choose from two convenient parking options.

In our own garage you can park for SEK 275 per night, including valet services. When you arrive at the hotel you simply park the car at the check-in/check-out parking outside the entrance and leave the keys at the Guest Service counter when you check in. The car will be parked safely in our locked, heated garage. Easiest is to book your parking space when you book your accommodation.

At the Guest Service counter you can also buy special parking tickets for the adjacent Focus parking garage at a rate of SEK 175 per night. After getting your ticket, you can drive in the centre lane into the garage, continuing to level 3 where you will find a locked, fenced section for Gothia Towers guests. Use your ticket to enter and exit.

Note that both parking options only include a limited number of spaces.